The typical building will likely contain drywall. What happens, though, if your home utilizes plaster walls instead?

Hiring a plater contractor is no simple task. People just don’t depend on plaster walls as often as they did in the past.

When you need a reliable service provider for your building, look no further than SMK Stucco & Plastering. We provide the best in Erie, PA services to more area residents.

Whether you need an experienced technician filling in cracks or providing the best in installation options, we are here for you each day. Call us now for your top plaster repair services.

Plastering Contractor Erie PA

The difference in hiring a dedicated plastering contractor is that we have the experience you are looking for in hiring a professional. Many general construction contractors only handle drywall, or if they do work with plaster, their knowledge is limited.

Plastering contractors remain experienced in most forms of plaster applications. Not only do they know the correct way to install them, but they also know how to work with it to create patterns and textures.

Hiring someone who hasn’t proven themselves with plaster will only result in poor quality results. While they may know how to slather it on, it won’t look nearly as polished as if SMK Stucco & Plastering were to handle it.

Plaster Repair Contractor Erie PA

Our team offers full protection with complete interior and exterior wall repair services. When you have existing plaster that needs careful attention, we are here for you.

No matter what color or texture your plaster is, we will carefully match all of our repairs to make it appear as natural as possible. When you need seamless finishes and better repairs, you need us to help you.

We do our best to make your repairs seem as if they have remained that way since the beginning. Let us provide your home with the best plaster repairs, including:

  • Professional Compound Mixing
  • Texture Matching
  • Joint Compound Applications
  • Surface Sanding
  • Plaster Painting
  • Plaster Wall Repair
  • Plaster Ceiling Applications
  • Water Damage Repairs
  • Water Leak Stains
  • Cracked Plaster
  • Nail Pops
  • Drywall Seams
  • Surface Mold
  • Wood Lathe
  • Wire Lathe
  • Finish Coating
  • And more plaster repair solutions.

Whatever concerns that you may have for your plaster surfaces, we are here for you. Call the best plaster contractors Erie, PA has to offer and save more on quality repairs.