A building is all about its walls. For the strength it gives to the house, as well as the light it sheds on the elegance of the house. It is our job at SMK Stucco & Plaster to give you much more than your money’s worth in this regard.

Our company is located in Erie PA with a team of the best and most professional Stucco and Drywall Plastering experts who have years of experience to put your mind at ease. Our specialty is ensuring that we leave the walls of your house as amazing as possible. We don’t just aim to meet your expectations, we always make the effort to exceed your best wall dreams. Think about any wall service you would ever need- whether it’s E.I.F.S. /stucco services, drywall etc, we are equipped with manpower and resources in excess that will handle even your full building renovations.

We offer the best quality customer care service in all of Erie, and the major icing on this large cake is the fact that all our services are so affordable, with a quick turn-around that is always a wonder to our clients.

smk stucco and plaster erie pa

Sounding too wonderful to be true? But it IS true. This is what defines us. We are aware there are other providers of Stucco and Plastering services who do their best, but there is great difference in offers! 

Here’s what you get when you call on us:

  • Fast service because we know how inconveniencing it is for you to be displaced while we are working.
  • Friendly technical and customer service that exceed your expectation.
  • Industrial strength and equipments that help us meet your needs.
  • Expertise and professional service from our large team.
  • Affordability, because of our years of experience, we are able to advice you and help you cut cost.

All we require in return for our posh finishing service, is a BIG smile, a great review and of course we would like you to refer us to your family and friends in Erie County.

For inquiries, you can always contact us…We are just a phone call away!