Drywall finishing is a delicate process that requires several days to handle correctly. Unfortunately, some installers take unnecessary shortcuts that only makes your walls and ceilings suffer in the end.

You can’t rush perfection, but that doesn’t mean that companies won’t try to do so anyway. How can you find the right drywall finishers that have your best interests in mind?

At SMK Stucco & Plastering, we’ve built a career from providing better finishes and repairs. From the stucco outside to interior drywall, we repair it all.

When your drywall needs an experienced technician finishing it off, we guarantee the best results possible. Let us provide you with the top name in local Erie, PA repair options.

Why Choose Us?

Some homeowners don’t think it’s necessary to allow the panels to dry between applications. However, drywall is a porous surface, and the applied mud is incredibly thick.

Without the proper drying times, you are only going to create a mess of semi-moist putty and sand. Skipping any step along the way will not give you that professional finish quality that you expect.

Don’t let cheap drywall contractors take the easy way out on your project. Instead, receive the best quality of finish for your drywall surfaces with SMK Stucco & Plastering.

Drywall Contractors Erie PA

Drywall finishing takes the raw materials and paves the way for them to obtain their final appearance. When you walk through your home, you pass numerous drywall panels that you likely don’t even notice.

However, few things are as eye-catching as poorly finished drywall. When a surface that should remain smooth is splotchy, and the tape shows from underneath, it’s a distraction that won’t disappear on its own.

Even if you attempt to paint over drywall blemishes, they likely burn through again in no time. The only way to prevent drywall problems from occurring is through better finishing techniques.

Call our team for the best in local drywall finishing solutions. We offer everything you need to enjoy better walls, including:

  • Drywall Panel Installations
  • Drywall Tape & Mud
  • Sheetrock Screws
  • Joint Compound Application
  • Texture Matching
  • Corner Bead Installation
  • Correct Drying Times
  • Joint Compound Sanding
  • Drywall Knockoff
  • Brown Coating
  • Finish Compound
  • Ceiling Installation
  • Ceiling Texture
  • And more finishing services.

No one else knows their way around drywall panels as we do. Call today for the best drywall contractors Erie PA has to offer.